Showbox apk 2018 for android download version 4.96 update

Showbox apk 2018 for android download: Show box is the widely installed streaming entertainment app that took the attention of movies and shows lovers from the beginning.  At present it’s one of the most popular apps for all types of users who mainly like to watch latest or early movies and television show episodes through their android smartphone, tablet and other android devices.

Showbox can stream desired TV shows and movies on different Android devices. But you cannot download this App from the Google Play Store. So, in order to download the application, you need to use the download link available in this page. Use the link to Download the latest version of Showbox App and enjoy all it’s outstanding features for totally free. You will find Showbox not only for Android but also for the PC. To have great entertainment, you can watch all your favorite shows and movies with the help of Showbox. You need only download it and install it on your device. Moreover, there are many version of Showbox APK. Try to download the latest version.

Download Showbox APK 2018 for Android

It is very easy to download the Showbox APK 2018 in your Smartphone. You can get latest showbox version and earlier versions here. Download any version of the App from this page using following buttons –

(version 4.96 apk – updated on December 2017)


Showbox 4.95 apk update November 2017 (latest version)


Early Versions Download

(version 4.94 apk – updated on August 2017)


(showbox apk 4.93 – updated july 2017 version 4.93 apk)


(showbox apk 4.92 – updated april 2017 version)


(showbox apk 4.9 version)


(showbox apk 4.82 version)

Install Showbox for Android

 Now I am showing the installation process of Showbox App on the Android phone or tablet step by step. luckily, it is not a complex process, just complete the followings –
•    Then go to the “Settings” option of the Android device.
•    Now go to the “Unknown Source” option and enable it.
•    Then go to the downloaded file and click on the “.apk”. When you do that you can see some warning messages and ignore them to finish the installation.
•    When the installation is complete, it is ready to enjoy.
We see that it is an easy process. Now the App is ready, and you can enjoy your favorite shows and serials easily on your Smart device.

Features of the Showbox apk 2018 for android

There are many other streaming apps available at online to download. But the Showbox is the most exclusive and most unique app which also very different from other similar apps. Users can enjoy this app without any condition such as sing up or installing additional plugins. It is a free App, and it is allowed to the all android operating system running devices. Let’s see the features of the Showbox App.
•    Showbox is the App which allows the users to stream the movies, TV serials, movie trailers, etc and it is free.
•    You do not find this App on Google Play Store.
•    You need to install the App manually on your device.
•    The App allows you to customize the resolution of the video playback to enjoy it according to your internet speed.
•    You can install and use it on free.
•    The interface is very easy to the user to navigate it.
•    The videos, TV shows and other things they provide are updated constantly.
•    The new version of this APK can fix the bugs quickly.
•    It will take a little space on your device, and the file is very little.
•    You can also get the news updates and articles.
•    Moreover, you can create a bookmark of your favorites to navigate them easily and watch them.
•    Some versions give you the music features.
•    You can also use it on some device of windows versions.
•    You need not pay any subscription charges.
•    To watch the movies, you need the MX Player or the software like VLC player.
•    The Apps give you the chance to pause your videos.
•    The chromecast support also allows users to stream movies on bigger screen.

Showbox apk for android

The solution when Showbox does not work
Sometimes, you face that the Showbox App is not working on your device. But what are the reasons and the solutions? Let’s see them.
•    If you see that the movie does not load, it could cause if the movie is the invalid link. In this case, you can choose the sever 3 and can play it on the other player.
•    If the App does not load the links, the videos will not upload any more. To solve this problem, you can go to the different selection to select the movies.
•    If you think the App crashes much, you can clear the cache and can delete or uninstall the unwanted Apps, files or other things from your SD card. After doing that, reboot your device.
•    If many unwanted Ads disturb you too much when you run the Showbox App or if you think your Showbox App is a fake one, then disable the Administrator privileges of the App and then uninstall it. Then download and install the latest one.

Here you can download Showbox apk 2018 latest version and earlier versions of this wonderful APK to enjoy the largest collections of movies, cartoons, TV shows and serials and much more. The App is free, and this light App is easy to download and install on your Smartphone. The excellent navigation on your device or tab will give you amazing feelings to browse this App. You also get the updates and news of upcoming movies and can watch the trailers. Although there are some similar Apps, but Showbox APK is different from them for its’ special features. It is better to download the most newer version of Showbox Apk for android mobile phone, tablets or other android devices and get access to all of its stunning features.